Distance learning 2020


2 Module

Summary class № 6

«Pathophysiology of GIT, liver, kidney, extreme conditions».


Lesson №15

"Summary class № 6 «Pathophysiology of GIT, liver, kidney, extreme conditions»"

Topics which are included in the Summary class №6 "Pathophysiology of GIT, liver, kidney, extreme conditions":

1. Pathophysiology of the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Pathophysiology of the liver.

3. Pathophysiology of the kidneys. Renal failure.

4. Pathophysiology of extreme conditions.

TASKS for the Summary class № 6

1. Answer 3 questions for the seminar:

Choose the variant number (list of variants in the following file) according to your number in the group list and execute at least 2-3 pages in electronic format doc., docx. (Word).

Please, indicate the number of your variant on the title page.

Seminar № 6 - 2 module eng «Pathophysiology of digestion, liver, kidneys and extreme conditions».docx

File with REPORT (Answers on 3 questions)

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