1 Module

Final test control


Lesson № 20 "Final test control - 2h." (according to curriculum of practical classes)


1. Methodical guide for practical training on the Pathophysiology Module 2 - tests for relevant topics in the Methodical guide.

2. Literature:

1) General and Clinical Pathophysiology / edited by Anatoly V. Kubyshkin, Anatoly I. Gozhenko. – Third edition. – Vinnytsia : Nova Knyha. – 2017.

2) N.V. Krishtal, V.A. Mikhnev, N.N. Zayko et al. ; edited by N.V. Krishtal, V.A. Mikhnev. – 2nd edition, corrected. – Kyiv : AUS Medicine Publishing, 2018.

3) Pathophysiology / N.K.Simeonova.-Kyiv:AUS Medicine Publishing, 2010.

TASKS for the Final test exam

Answer 14 multiple choice questions (MCQ):

1) Download the following 2 files to perform MCQ task:

  • form for MCQ;
  • file with a list of all test questions.

2) Choose tests for each topic (14 topics in total) according to your number in the group list (variant);

3) Copy the relevant questions in the answer form to the sections "Question (MCQ)";

4) Answer the question by choosing one distractor (A, B, C, D, E) in the "Answer" section;

5) Explain in detail and justify your answer in the "Explanation" section.

MCQ - Fill Form 1 module.docx
MCQ 1 module Eng.docx

The FileD form for MCQ:

Send your teacher by mail:

Head of Department, PhD, lecturer Alexandr E. Khudyakov - ahudyakov12@gmail.com

PhD, lecturer Yuliia V. Kozlova - kozlova_yuv@ukr.net

Teacher of the Department Anastasiia Y. Lialina - lialina.anastasiia@gmail.com

PhD, teacher of the Department Olena S. Khmel - olenakhmel2020@gmail.com

Send tasks NO LATER the next day after your class in the calendar-thematic plan.

In the subject of the letter, indicate your faculty, group/subgroup number, topic number and the full name in the following format:


AAAA - your faculty in Latin letters (I_med, II_med, stom, I_int, II_int)

BBBB - group/subgroup number

CCCC - topic number

DDDD - full name

In order to receive consultations by the department in the remote mode, students can send a letter with subject of the letter "ZAPYT" to the address to the address of your teacher.

Be healthy and have a nice day!