Distance learning 2020


Faculty of Medicine

25.05 - 05.06.2020

Seminar № 6 «Pathophysiology of GIT, liver, kidney, extreme conditions, endocrine and nervous systems». Final test exam.


Lesson № 9: "Seminar № 6 «Pathophysiology of GIT, liver, kidney, extreme conditions, endocrine and nervous systems» - 2h. Final test exam - 2h."

Topics of the seminar № 6 "Pathophysiology of GIT, liver, kidney, extreme conditions, endocrine and nervous systems":

1. Pathophysiology of the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Pathophysiology of the liver.

3. Pathophysiology of the kidneys. Renal failure.

4. Pathophysiology of extreme conditions.

5. Pathophysiology of the endocrine system.

6. Pathophysiology of the nervous system.

25.05 - Groups 413, 419;

26.05 - Group 421;

27.05 - Group 411;

28.05 - Group 417;

29.05 - Group 415.

01.06 - Groups 414, 420;

02.06 - --------

03.06 - Group 412

04.06 - Group 418.

05.06 - Group 416.

TASKS for the Seminar №6

1. Answer 3 questions for the seminar:

Choose the variant number (list of variants in the following file) according to your number in the group list and execute at least 2-3 pages in electronic format doc., docx. (Word).

Seminar № 6 «Pathophysiology of the functional systems» Med Eng.docx

2. Additionally: video conference with preliminary agreement of the teacher with answers to oral questions to the topics included in the seminar (get more detailed information from your teacher).

TASKS for the Final test exam

Answer 14 multiple choice questions (MCQ):

1) Download the following 2 files to perform MCQ task:

  • form for MCQ;
  • file with a list of all test questions.

2) Choose tests for each topic (14 topics in total) according to your number in the group list (variant);

3) Copy the relevant questions in the answer form to the sections "Question (MCQ)";

4) Answer the question by choosing one distractor (A, B, C, D, E) in the "Answer" section;

5) Explain in detail and justify your answer in the "Explanation" section.

MCQ - Fill Form.docx
MCQ 2 module Eng.docx

File with 2 TASKS: REPORT with Answer 3 questions + form for MCQ

Send your teacher by mail:

Head of Department, PhD, lecturer Alexandr E. Khudyakov - ahudyakov12@gmail.com

PhD, lecturer Yuliia V. Kozlova - kozlova_yuv@ukr.net

Teacher of the Department Anastasiia Y. Lialina - lialina.anastasiia@gmail.com

PhD, teacher of the Department Olena S. Khmel - olenakhmel2020@gmail.com

Send tasks NO LATER the next day after your class in the calendar-thematic plan.

In the subject of the letter, indicate your faculty, group/subgroup number, topic number and the full name in the following format:


AAAA - your faculty in Latin letters (I_med, II_med, stom, I_int, II_int)

BBBB - group/subgroup number

CCCC - topic number

DDDD - full name

In order to receive consultations by the department in the remote mode, students can send a letter with subject of the letter "ZAPYT" to the address to the address of your teacher.

Be healthy and have a nice day!